house pets

Animals are a blessing to a family and can make a wonderful addition to your home. I love them so much I work rescuing animals and my home has become a lively version of Noah's Ark without all of the thunder and lightning. With all of these animals as you can guess pet fur can become an issue if we do not make a point to control it. There is no reason to let fur stop you from adding a pet to your home. 

The best thing you can do to help keep pet fur in your home under control is to start at the source. Brush your puts often to trap shedding fur in the brush before it can shed and spread around your home. This is particularly important in the summertime when our pets are shedding more than normal. 

Keep fleas under control with topicals and prescription internal flea medicines from your veterinarian. This will prevent your pets from scratching and shedding fur all over the house while dealing with a flea. The reduced pet fur is just one of the many reasons to control fleas around and on your pets. 

Get a quality pet vacuum that can handle large amounts of pet fur and trap it with quality filters. Use this vacuum to regularly clean up your floors and upholstery. This will help keep pet fur from taking over your sofa and landing all over you. Remember while it can be tempting to make a, no pets on the sofa rule your pets are not likely to care when you are not around so cleaning up is your best defense. 

A dust mop like Swiffer or a microfiber washable version can help control the pet hair on your hard floors. Hardwood floors often hide pet hair in the groves that are found by the owner's unsuspecting foot. Hard floors are often a source of balls of fur that have gathered together and get blown across the room by the fan like a little tumbleweed. Regular dust mopping can prevent this. If you do not like to dust mop look for a vacuum that can do hard floors as well as carpets. 

Keep a lint roller by the door or in your bag. Even the cleanest home will still have some pet hair that will land on your clothing. This is completely unavoidable unless you have a habit of turning your pets down for a warm snuggle on the way out the door. Instead of stressing if they will get fur on your work clothes clean them up on your way out the door or in your car. 

Look for places that may trap pet fur. This can be simple places like your cat towers and sofa cushions. Make a point to deep clean these areas soften when running the vacuum around other areas of the room those dark corners can easily be forgotten. 

Give your pets a high-quality diet. Excess shedding can often be a sign of nutrient deficiency. Giving your pets a quality balanced diet can help reduce excess shedding and make it easier to control the pet fur in your home.