South Jersey refers to the southern part of the state between the lower Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean. Most of it, if not all, is considered part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. We've picked out the best places to live in South Jersey based on housing prices, employment, crime rates, education, and other important factors. If you are new to the area, or moving from one part of South Jersey to another, we highly recommend checking out these neighborhoods.

Cherry Hill

cherry hill nj homes

Cherry blossoms decorate Chapel Avenue, an iconic Cherry Hill street.

With its high performing schools, affordable homes, and low crime rates, Cherry Hill is a fantastic place to raise a family. It is also affordable, with median home prices at $217,000 as of 2016. These days, it is rare to find places in South Jersey offering both affordable housing and high living standards. By this measure, Cherry Hill is certainly a rare find.

Though the township feels very much like a suburb, and is situated only 10 miles from Philadelphia, it retains much open space. For starters, there is the two mile stretch of Chapel Avenue, lined with seasonally flowering trees. Not to mention an impressive 50 parks. Among them, the very popular and dog-friendly Cooper River Park, popularly known as 'Pooch Park'. 

If you are looking for an authentic cherry pie experience in Cherry Hill, head over to Springdale Farms, a local landmark offering fresh baked goods and just-picked homegrown fruit. 

With its reasonably priced homes, tranquil neighborhoods, great schools, and local community attractions, Cherry Hill truly is one of the best places to live in South Jersey.

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Cinnaminson Single Family Home

Cinnaminson features many well-maintained single family homes with beautiful landscaping.

Cinnaminson, an eastern suburb of Philadelphia, is a family-friendly town of close-knit neighbors and independent businesses. Locals pride themselves on an effective education system and a well-regarded local government that strives to create economic opportunities for all. New businesses receive a warm welcome, and can expect long-term support from a thriving community. Cinnaminson real estate consists mostly of single family homes, with a good selection of condos and townhomes. Home prices vary considerably. The most inexpensive homes can be found for under $100,000. One the other end of the spectrum, one finds expansive single family homes priced well above $500,000.

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collingswood two story home

This two story Collingswood home features large windows and an overall unique style.

When it comes to small town living in South Jersey, it's difficult to surpass a place like Collingswood. With its population at just under 14,000, residents need not worry about the stresses of living in the middle of a major metropolitan area.

This is not to say that Collingswood is in the middle of nowhere. Quite the opposite. It is located only a few minutes from Philadelphia. The city can be easily reached via the PATCO Speedline as well as nearby highways. One can live in a small town, and at the same time enjoy everything the big city has to offer.

Though known as a quiet small town, Collingswood features a lively main street full of popular restaurants, artisan shops, art galleries, coffee shops, and so much more. Moreover, many special events, activities, and promotions occur throughout the year. Some of the most notable include holiday festivals, a renown farmer's market, cruise nights, and an arts and crafts festival where residents can let their creativity soar.

As a town that is committed to being 'green', Collingswood has set aside over 100 acres of open space for residents to enjoy. Most of this open space is concentrated into the highly visited Knight Park, Cooper River Park, and Newton Lake Park. Within the parks, one encounters ample playgrounds, winding nature trails, event stages, kayak rentals, and many other opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. 

Real estate for sale in Collingswood ranges in price from below $100,000 to above $600,000, making it one of South Jersey's more affordable places to live. Almost all properties in this town are single family, with a few townhomes spread throughout. If you are looking for a quiet place with a small town feel, while still being within easy reach of the city, Collingswood may be an ideal choice for you. 

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Two Story Home in Delran

An upscale single family home in a quiet Delran neighborhood.

Derlan covers 7.2 square miles where the Delaware River intersects the Rancocas Creek in Burlington County. Incorporated in 1880, the population stood at 16,896 as of the 2010 census. Its welcoming residents, many businesses, and varied recreational opportunities make it one of the best places to live in South Jersey. With over 450 acres of preserved open space, it's an ideal place for nature lovers and anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Single family homes dominate the Derlan Township real estate market. The most desirable single family homes sell for $400,000 to upwards of $600,000. One can also find affordable condo and townhome options for under $100,000.

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haddonfield south jersey

The South Jersey neighborhood of Haddonfield exudes small town charm with its tree-lined streets and independent shops.

There are many reasons Haddonfield is one of the best places to live in South Jersey. As a matter of fact, it is also considered one of the best places to live in the Delaware Valley. For starters, Haddonfield is conveniently close to both the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges, making it very easy to get in and out of. Second, it features a charming array of independent coffeehouses, sidewalk cafes, fine dining restaurants, artisan shops, and enchanting art galleries. Notably, yet unsurprisingly, Courier Post readers have voted it the best South Jersey shopping area year after year.

Haddonfield sits in the northern region of Camden County, NJ just south of Cherry Hill. It is easy to reach via multiple transit options, including PATCO Speedline and New Jersey Transit. The town includes 4,635 lovingly preserved households, and about 12,000 residents. With a history that dates back to 1682, Haddonfield is rich with culture and tradition. Home prices vary widely from below $100,000, to $3,000,000 and above.

Haddonfield was first incorporated as a South Jersey borough in 1875, and is run by a Commission form of government. This means voters elect Commissioners every four years. After each election, the new commissioners select one of themselves to serve as town Mayor, who is considered the borough's chief executive.

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Haddon Heights

haddon heights single family home

Large comfortable houses are abundant in the South Jersey neighborhood of Haddon Heights.

Haddon Heights is a charming small town located a mere six miles from the Liberty Bell. With a population of approximately 7,500, it is only half as large as Haddonfield and Collingswood, thought it packs twice as much personality. It is the only place left in South Jersey with its original freight station and trains, which travel to Beesley's Point on a daily basis.

The town's history dates back to 1890, when it was planned as a new town along the railroad line to Atlantic City. The White Horse Pike, now an office district, was its central avenue. Spacious Princess Anne four squares and colonial revival houses were built to appeal to the middle class. In particular, those seeking life outside the bustling city. By 1904, Haddon Heights finally became large enough to incorporate as a borough.

One of the main factors that makes Haddon Heights one of the best places to live in South Jersey is its relatively affordable real estate. Home prices start at around $150,000, and go up to about $650,000. All properties are single family, with plenty of space - both inside and out - for the whole family. Each has a personality all its own and something unique to offer.

When asked why they enjoy living in Haddon Heights, several items come up again and again. For one, the town includes five elementary schools a high school that children still walk to - an uncommon site in this day and age. Second, residents cite the town's two block main street, Station Avenue, as a central attraction. It includes an old fashioned grocery store, a florist, photographer, tailor, children's shop, gift shops, and much more.

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Maple Shade

Affordable Home in Maple Shade

Affordable single family homes are easy to find in the Maple Shade neighborhood of South Jersey.

Maple Shade is a small town of friendly people and affordable housing. Though established as a residential community, is retains a strong business presence and various commercial centers. As a result of this residential and commercial mix, residents enjoy a broad set of amenities unique to the neighborhood. The town is governed by a five-member council, who are elected every four years by the town at large. Real estate prices range from under $100,000 to just under $400,000.

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Upscale Home in Marlton

Large single family home in one of Marlton's more upscale neighborhoods.

With its popular local eateries, beautiful parks, busy shopping centers, and varied housing options, Marlton has emerged as one of the best places to live in South Jersey. Nestled in Burlington County, the town feels like an oasis in contrast to nearby Philadelphia and Wilmington. Residents get to enjoy the Marlton Farmers Market from May to October. It brings together the top produce from local producers, along with all sorts of specialty and artisan products. While Marlton real estate includes a good mix of single family homes, condos, and townhomes. Prices start below $100,000 and go upwards of $800,000.

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Large Medford Single Family Home

Medford boasts a large array of spacious, well-maintained single family properties.

Upon arriving at Medford, it does not take long to realize what makes the community so unique. It is decorated with ponds and lakes, and many of the town's housing developments are built around them. There is an outdoorsy feel to Medford. It's not just the water either, it's also the pines, the log cabins, and the generally lush vegetation. Another draw is the Medford school system, whose schools feed into the Lenape Regional High School District. Home prices in this popular South Jersey neighborhood range from below $100,000 to over $2,000,000. However, it's difficult to find anything under $200,000, especially as the area grows in popularity.

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Moorestown Luxury Home

Luxury estates such as this are common in Moorestown's more upscale areas.

It's difficult to know where to begin when it comes to Moorestown. From its high performing schools, to its open green spaces, to its pristine neighborhoods, there is no shortage of things to appreciate about this beautiful town. Impressively, Money magazine name it the country's best place to live back in 2005. It was also named South Jersey's best town in NJ Monthly's 2013 list of best places to live.

It's rare to find a place that combines modernity and tradition the way Moorestown does. Along tree-lined Main Street, shoppers enjoy dozens of independent shops, galleries, antique stores, and restaurants. Meanwhile, a bit further away, one finds national retailers and eateries.

Even more notable than its exceptional shopping and dining, Moorestown features large swathes of open space. In fact, its Deparment of Parks and Recreation boasts nearly 700 acres of open space across nine expansive parks.

While affordable housing can still be found, Moorestown is known for its more affluent offerings. The most expensive homes are priced well into the multi-million dollar range.

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Mount Laurel

Mount Laurel Single Family Home

Mount Laurel is well known for its many impressive single family homes.

Mount Laurel Township covers a 22 square mile area, with a population of approximately 42,000. This popular area is 80% built out, with the residential population expected to max out at around 45,000. Notable community features include eight elementary schools, three major retirement communities, and many top south South Jersey employers. 

Rowan at Burlington County College, a 112 acre campus which opened in 1995, quickly became the most popular in the region. Not only is it conveniently close to Route 38 and I-295, it also gives students access to the town's thriving business community. 

The single-family homes, condos, and townhomes that make up this suburban community range greatly in price. The most affordable properties sell for under $100,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive go for upwards of $1,000,000. Most properties fall between the $150,000 and $400,000 range. Past $400,000, one begins to encounter exquisite single family homes on meticulously landscaped lots. Whether seeking a started home, or looking to upgrade, Mount Laurel has something to offer. 

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riverton home for sale

One of Riverton's more impressive single family homes, it features many custom architectural details.

The history of Riverton goes back to 1851, when ten Philadelphians identified it as an ideal site to build summer homes for their families, while remaining close to the city. They commissioned architect Samuel Sloan for the job. The original village encompassed 120 acres of land, including a seawall and landscaping along the river.

For 100 years from its founding, a clause prohibited any permanent structures along the riverbank. Instead, the area was used to stage celebrations, concerts, and all sorts of community events. Today, the town's main events have moved to Memorial Park. At over 12 acres, the park provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Golf enthusiasts will love Riverton Country Club. Founded in 1900, it's one of the country's first. In addition to a challenging 18-hole course, it boasts a bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pools, fine dining, and event rooms.

Over the years, Riverton has seen the emergence of a small but thriving business district. Its offices, shops, restaurants, and services help bring the community to life in a place of common gathering.

Riverton real estate starts at around $100,000, with a few properties listed even lower. The most expensive properties list for upwards of $500,000, with some exceeding $600,000. These more upscale properties come with many modern upgrades, along with custom architectural and design features.

With its unique riverside location, vast open park, and unique single family homes, Riverton truly is one of South Jersey's best places to live.

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